Metallic helps StorVault drive up value across key backup services

StorVault’s appointment as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for Commvault’s Metallic® backup and recovery solutions has immediately been translated into massive benefit for subscribers who choose to protect their digital assets by sourcing backup services from the StorVault reseller channel.


Two of StorVault’s most popular backup solutions, that are always in extremely high demand across all industry sectors and among all categories of users serviced by the nationwide business partner network, are to benefit from several enhanced features with immediate effect.


In confirming these enhancements, StorVault general manager Rudi Jansen van Vuuren said the deployment of Metallic as the Software as Service (SaaS) engine for StorVault’s backup and recovery services for both the laptop foundation and Office 365© helps guarantee rapid deployment, simple subscription management, predictable costs, limitless scalability and total peace-of-mind security.


The enhanced entry-level laptop foundation backup service from StorVault, that caters for unlimited storage capacity per user, will retail at a recommended retail price (RRP) of only R79.00 (Excl VAT) per month.


The basic StorVault Office 365© by Metallic, that provides both unlimited storage capacity and unlimited retention periods, is also immediately available through the StorVault reseller network at only R39.00 (Excl Vat) per month.


Van Vuuren also announced the launch of the new StorVault Office 365© with the Metallic eDiscovery feature.


“eDiscovery provides a singular interface across Office 365 and Endpoint workloads to drive organisational compliance with better speed and precision to enable subscribers to successfully address the highest possible levels of regulatory compliance,” said Van Vuuren.


Combined with unlimited storage and unlimited retention, the new eDiscovery Office 365© solution from StorVault offers unrivalled value at a RRP of R49.00 (Excl VAT) per user per month.

To view the eDiscovery brochure CLICK HERE

Commvault appoints StorVault as a
Metallic MSP partner in South Africa

Commvault, a recognised global enterprise leader in intelligent data services across on-premises, cloud, and software as a service (SaaS) environments, has appointed StorVault as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for its Metallic platform in South Africa.


Gerhard Fourie, Channel Lead at Commvault Africa, says that due to StorVault’s long-standing business relationship with Commvault it was a natural fit to appoint the company to the Metallic MSP programme in South Africa.


“We approached StorVault to join the Metallic MSP programme based on their already vast knowledge and understanding of Commvault’s business model and offerings. With the inception of the Metallic MSP programme, our idea was to look for service providers that have a rich history and understanding of traditional Commvault solutions.”


StorVault General Manager Rudi Jansen van Vuuren says a solid track record with reselling Commvault services and solutions into the business partner channel throughout South Africa has made joining the Metallic MSP programme a natural progression of this relationship.


“We’ve made significant investments in a front-end portal that enables our business partners to provision all Commvault services easily and effectively. We have also invested in world-class cloud infrastructure and expert professional technical support capabilities as part of our commitment to Commvault offerings. Considering our commitment in the Commvault ecosystem, Metallic was a natural fit and it complements what we already do.”


Fourie notes that both small and large enterprise customers are beginning to show growing interest in SaaS offerings such as Metallic, as they increasingly recognise the benefits that these solutions bring during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.


Metallic is part of Commvault's Intelligent Data Services Platform that allows organisations to proactively simplify and manage the complexity of enterprise data. Microsoft leverages Commvault to manage and protect some of its most important data, including data in Azure, Office and other technologies.


Metallic covers the entire spectrum of data protection, with its biggest focus being the protection of Microsoft 365 environments that are hosted on the Microsoft cloud platform. It is also the ideal platform to protect hybrid cloud environments and workloads, including end-point devices, physical server environments and virtual environments.


Derek Street, Business Development Manager at StorVault, explains that there is still a large untapped market in the SMB space, as backup systems are traditionally seen as quite onerous, with companies having to invest in managing and owning them, along with looking after licensing, hardware and infrastructure requirements.


“This can be onerous, but the MSP model, where Metallic fits in, is easy to use and predictable so the solution takes away all the complexity and unknowns, allowing the end user to scale up or down as they need.


“The Metallic MSP offering provides our business partners with a bigger and broader market space in which they can play and increases the breadth of customers they can approach with our expert support.”


He adds that StorVault’s extensive professional support capabilities for the Metallic platform includes pre- and post-sales support for the business partner network as well as their end user customers.


The easy way to beat the data explosion threat

Microsoft Office 365™ is a critical component of the modern business data environment. However, due to a common misconception, many organisations overlook the inclusion of this operational environment in their cloud data protection strategy.


This apparent oversight can be partly attributed to an assumption that Microsoft handles this aspect as a component of the total solution. After all, the Office 365 subscription includes high availability and data replication between Office 365 data centres. But beware - don’t confuse replication and availability with backup and recovery.


If the data in a primary site is compromised or corrupted, that is exactly what will be replicated to the secondary site. And having two sets of bad data isn’t going to help anyone.


There are other potential risks for Office 365 data. Aside from the usual exposures to hacking, malware and malicious insiders, there’s always a chance of accidental deletion. If someone hits the wrong key and critical business information goes missing, it’s an absolute necessity that there should be a means of getting it back quickly before normal operations are totally and irretrievably disrupted.


StorVault Office 365 provides comprehensive data protection and recovery capabilities for Microsoft® Office 365™ applications as well as for mission-critical collaboration tools in the Office 365 productivity suite, including Email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.


The online backup and recovery service provides unlimited capacity and immediate deployment, with no on-premises infrastructure commitments, allowing companies to manage Office 365 data differently and in accordance with their own policies rather than what is dictated or mistakenly assumed when Microsoft Office 365 is first deployed.


no capacity limitations and support for indefinite retention periods at a 

fixed cost.