The easy way to beat the data explosion threat

Corporate data from an almost limitless array of sources is being generated across a wide range of systems and business applications in sky-rocketing volumes.


This situation not only poses a major challenge for an overwhelming number of organisations in terms of the day-to-day management of all digital assets, but also presents major threats in areas such as the security and long-term preservation of data in accordance with non-negotiable corporate governance, risk management and statutory compliance requirements.


And, to make matters worse, the sudden and dramatic shift in where data is being generated in terms of the “work-from-home” regime imposed on almost all organisations as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic is compounding the crisis and straining capital and operational resources to the point where failure to some degree or another is almost guaranteed to result.


It is, for example, an established fact that more than 60% of all data currently stored on primary IT production servers and other on-site storage platforms can be categorically classified as “unstructured” and therefore unrelated or largely irrelevant to any of the organisation’s mainstream applications or routine day-to-day business operations.


Explosive growth in unstructured data can account for up to 90% of costs associated with managing and maintaining on-site primary and secondary storage resources, including disk and tape. It also impacts negatively on productivity performance issues such as the backup window encroaching on production operations.


Unstructured data is seldom, if ever, accessed more than once or twice in a 12-month period and thereafter is unlikely to be accessed again in the foreseeable future unless it is required to address special or unusual circumstances.


Until it has been subjected to detailed analysis and categorised according to specific statutory, legislative or corporate governance and risk management compliance rules, or qualified for its potential to yield potential business intelligence benefits, unstructured data as well as all other historical information has to be archived and retained for periods that can sometimes be indefinite.


The best way to guarantee the safety, integrity and future availability of this potentially priceless corporate asset is to archive the data to the StorVault Storage Cloud until it can be analysed and exploited for its true value.


StorVault Storage Cloud offers the perfect solution with which to address this growing crisis. Designed and developed according to the highest possible international standards and specifications, the solution provides an archival repository for virtually any type of data with no capacity limitations and supports indefinite storage periods at a fixed cost.