Insights into the Commvault SaaS Metallic Backup solutions

StorVault’s recent appointment as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for Commvault’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Metallic platform for data backup and recovery will revolutionise the business benefits that have always been a key differentiator of the services offered by StorVault.


By leveraging StorVault’s substantial investments in a world-class cloud storage infrastructure, Metallic data protection for SaaS revolves around rapid deployment, simple subscriptions, predictable costs, limitless scalability - all with zero hardware or infrastructure investments.


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Data protection in the era of the ’new normal’

COVID-19 and lockdown have demonstrated that we all need to accept and adapt to what is now popularly referred to as the “new normal”. 

The biggest lesson to be learned in the universal fight against the devastating effects of the pandemic is that what has to be done has not changed. How we go about doing what has to be done has changed – probably forever! And it’s the ”how” that defines the ”new normal”. 

The need to backup data has been a non-negotiable condition of responsible information management since the advent of commercial computing many, many decades ago. 

Generally speaking all businesses and individuals have well-established processes and procedures in place to make backup copies of their data, which enables them to go back to a point-in-time should they need to recall or recover specific data. This concept has not changed. How data should be backed up has and must change to meet the demands of the “new normal”. 

On-premise only backup solutions are no longer efficient or viable. They are cumbersome to manage and costly to maintain based on factors such as the reliance on time-consuming manual processes and the constant worry about running out of storage capacity. 

Online backup services based on cloud storage banish these and many other limitations by offering a highly flexible, easy-to-use, intuitive self-service functionality and unlimited capacity on demand. 

StorVault’s online backup and recovery services are ideally designed and perfectly configured to address the question of “how” data should be stored in this era of the “new normal”. This leaves the extremely simple question of ”what” needs to be backed up to the StorVault subscriber.  

And - based on StorVault’s unrivalled cost-efficiencies and value-for-money, pay-as-you-use capacity subscription model – the “what” can quite literally be all data throughout the organisation.

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